“Through Him, With Him, In Him” These are words of faith, hope and love, from the Doxology in the holy Mass, and I have chosen this mentor phrase for my life’s journey of commitment and total self-giving to this wonderful vocation as a Sister Disciple of the Divine Master.

On the 1st of October 1989, in the Church of Jesus Master in Rome, I together with seven other novitiate companions from different nations, pronounced my first wholehearted ‘yes’ to JESUS who first loved me and called me to follow him in a special way.

On the 26th October 1997, on the Solemnity of Jesus the Divine Master, in the Sacred Heart Church at Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand, I wholeheartedly pronounced, with great conviction, my definitive ‘yes’ to continue following him for the rest of my life. The Final Profession was witnessed by many of the faithful, my family, friends, the sisters, Priests and the Bishop.

I have grown in a greater awareness of his loving companionship which is real and fulfilling in my life. I find strength and encouragement for my journey of faith in Jesus who is present in the Holy Mass, in the Eucharistic adoration and in the daily praying with the living ‘Word’.

My desire is that through the experiences of various ministries, community living and the daily encounter with diverse challenges, the grace and blessing of God will awaken within me a deeper longing to develop a more intimate relationship with Him.

On the 30th of June 2014 on the feast of St. Paul, together with other Pauline priests and religious who were also celebrating significant anniversaries, I once again joyfully and with a truly grateful heart celebrated 25 years of living the life of a Sister Disciple.

I continuously thank God for creating me as His child, I thank Jesus the Divine Master for calling me to follow him more closely, and I thank Mary Queen of Apostles and St. Paul the Apostle for the inspiration they continuously give me through their example in how to serve within the Church with the Pauline charism and mission. I pray that my presence may give witness to His unconditional love and bring peace and joy wherever he calls me to carry out his mission. My hope is that through my life and ministry many people will come closer to him, especially the young people who are still searching for his life-giving love.

Sr. M. Cecilia Vakameilalo