The Eucharistic dimension of the Eucharistic-Priestly-Liturgical apostolate is the centre of our mission. We therefore, make the Eucharistic Mystery the centre of our daily life and all our activities. We dedicate ourselves to Eucharistic Adoration and become intercessories for the needs of the world before our Eucharist Master. Each Sister is required to pray one and a half hours per day becoming the voice of humanity before the Lord.

The faithful are welcome in our Chapels to also spend time in Adoration before Jesus Master. They also join the Sisters in praying the Prayer of the Church (Morning and Evening Prayer).

On the first Wednesday of the month a roster has been established where the faithful assist the Sisters in maintaining continuous Adoration, from morning to late evening with a special intention for vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.

Pastoral Care to the sick and dying is also an expression of our Eucharistic ministry where we bring Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life. This is facilitated by Prayer/Communion Services, counselling, pastoral listening, and having the privilege of being with them in their last moments and preparing them for this final journey.