Dear Sir or Madam,

Please pray for my sisters shamila, nisa and saira and my dad munir for their success in life. Also for my sister saira that she be healed.

Good luck and god bless,

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please pray for me and my success in life. My father (s) left us when we were 3 years old and then 12 years old. We have not seen him since.

We dearly miss him and will probably never see him again. Please pray that we be whole again. And my neice and my daughter get married and have a wholesome life with their husbands.

My marriage has been on the rocks a few times and god has saved me each time. I would like to succeed in life and marriage so your prayers will help enormously.

Thank you in advance,

Please pray for me as I have lost my dad since being 3 years old through divorce and my second dad at 12 years old through divorce. I am now 46 years old.

Life has been difficult and I often think about my fathers and how they are doing. Please pray we unite in spirit and continue as a whole family.
Please also pray for our marraiges that they are stable and strong and long lasting.

Good luck and god bless.