I pray for divine intercession for healing/forgiveness, to dismiss this divorce and quickly reconcile/restore our holy sacred marriage (D&R). I pray that God will open the doors to communication, and forgiveness and knock down the walls to silence, pride, hurt, and anger. This past November, my husband of 6 years came back from his military deployment, completely moved out of the house, and has filed for divorce without any closure or explanation and zero communication. I was also served the divorce papers this past December at work. This March 2016, in court my husband’s attorney told the judge that he has moved on and is in another relationship even though we are still married. The judge denied my request for marriage counseling stating that David has already moved on.
I humbly ask all the Angels, Saints, Martyrs, Blessed Mother Mary, Apostles, and Jesus to bind and remove the work of satan, evil spirits, and all negative external influences in our lives and away from our marriage.
Dear Heavenly Father, have mercy on us, please deliver our minds, bodies, hearts, souls, and spirits from all of Satan’s hurt/pain, anger/bitterness, hate/malice, selfishness/pride, lies, lust, rebellion/revenge, greed, fear/anxiety/depression/PTSD, unbelief/doubt, guilt, separation, and confusion, and in turn create a spirit of patience, compassion, faith, self-control, perseverance, confidence, wisdom, clarity, humbleness, forgiveness, mercy, joy, grace, hope, integrity, communication, and unending love. O God, please tear down the walls around our hearts and help my husband find/turn to You and the Holy Catholic Church. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit will dwell and move in my husbands heart, body, soul, spirit, and mind in order for him to be open to see and hear God’s message about divorce and marriage reconciliation/restoration. Lord please help us to stand firm and put on the Full Armor of God and cover us in your Precious Blood.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

I miss my husband so much. Please pray my husband will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I begging and praying for a miracle! Please reconcile my marriage and dismiss this divorce and non existent communication. My heart is aching and breaking daily for my husband. Please pray God will touch and heal his heart and save him. We need peace, grace, and forgiveness. Please save our marriage.

Thank you and God Bless