With the religious consecration we are called to commit ourselves to the constant journey of discipleship, until we become configures with Christ, in the example of St Paul: “I love now, not I, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal 20.2)

Called and gathered together by the love of God, we nourish our union with Him at the table of the Word and the Eucharist. Our discipleship is shaped on that of Mary who always contemplated His Word in her heart. From our intimate union with the Divine Master who is the Way, Truth and Life, we draw light, joy example and grace in order to be living and active members in the Church. This intimate relationship with Jesus is expressed through our Eucharistic, Priestly and Liturgical Ministry.

We look to Mary, the first disciple, who was obedient to the Word. Like her and the women of the Gospel we are sent to proclaim, celebrate and serve Jesus Master through our various ministries.